Which Betting Company Offers The Best Odds

We’re often asked which of the many online bookies gives the best odds, and to be honest it’s hard to give just one answer. That’s because it mainly depends what you are betting on. For example, the best bookie for football betting might not be the same as the one that is best for horse racing, or cricket – and so on.

If there was just one bookie that always offered the best price on every sport, then the others would soon be out of business! That’s why it is important to open a selection of accounts from recommended bookmakers, and always shop around for the best deal whenever you place a bet.

But if you know what you want to bet on, it becomes a bit easier.


When it comes to offering the best odds on football betting, Bet Victor can quite reasonably claim to have it covered. That doesn’t mean that they will always have the best price on every single bet – but it does mean that independent tests have confirmed that they have the best odds, most often, on the markets that most people bet on.

So if you mainly bet on football, Victor is likely to be the best place to go…

Horse Racing

Betfair horse racing

Betfair give you unexpected price boosts on horse racing

The picture is a little more blurred when it comes to betting on horse racing. That’s because so many of the bookies offer Best Odds Guaranteed, which means you can take early prices (which are often higher) and if the SP (Starting Price) turns out to be higher, the bookie will pay you out at the better price. This is great for many punters who can spot a gamble developing early, because they can take the better price with confidence.

So as to who offers the best price on horse racing? Typically, you’re likely to get the best prices at Betfair. That’s because of the huge amount of liquidity in the Betfair exchange, meaning you ca bet against other people rather than the house, and get better odds.

Now if all this exchange betting confuses you and you’d rather use the sportsbook, then you can still get better odds thanks to their Price Rush. That’s because if there is a higher price available on the exchange, they give it to you automatically even if your bet was through the sportsbook. In real terms, that means that very often you are given a much better price than you thought you were going to get (don’t worry, it’s never lower) which is a pretty good deal.

So, while there’s no “one size fits all answer” you can see that if you know what you want to bet on, you can usually find a bookie that’s going to give you the best deal.