Best Bookies For Tennis Betting

Tennis betting has become very important to many punters and online bookmakers in recent years. The popularity of the game has always made it a popular sport for people to bet on. However, these days people can use live streaming to watch practically any tennis match while they bet. This has taken online tennis betting to a whole new level.

There are many ways to bet on tennis, both before the match and in-play. It is actually one of the fastest moving betting markets, with the odds usually changing after every single point. This opens up many opportunities to profit, either through the bookies or the betting exchanges. To make the most of these opportunities, you need to make sure you’re using the right bookmaker. Your choice of bookie can make a huge difference to your experience. Our guide will help you find the best bookies for betting on tennis.


best bookies for tennis

bet365 is one of the best bookies for live tennis betting

Bet365 are one of the best bookies to bet on tennis. Their main strength is their in-play betting and live streaming. You can stream your choice of match, and bet in-play while you watch! There are plenty of tennis betting markets to choose from, with some of the best odds around, and you won’t find a betteroption for tennis betting anywhere online.

  • Bet on any match in any tournament, live in-play
  • Watch matches with live streaming
  • Big choice of markets with competitive odds
  • Most popular and highly recommended!

18+ New customers only Terms and Conditions apply.


betfair tennis betting

Betfair have live streaming, cash out and live match stats

Tennis betting is fast and easy at Betfair. Everything you need is at your fingertips. You can watch live streaming, and view live match stats to help you decide on your bets. With all the markets you could ever want, plus great odds and cash-out, its the perfect place to bet on tennis.

  • Live streaming
  • Live match stats
  • Cash out winning bets
  • All the markets with best odds and price rush

18+ New customers only Terms and Conditions apply.

Tips For Successful Tennis Betting

Tennis is a sport that can give you incredible profits if you learn how to bet on it properly. Here are the do’s and don’ts of tennis betting to help you get started…

Do Don’t
  • Make sure you have an account with several bookies. A choice of bookies means you can shop around for the best odds and gives you access to more live streams.
  • Remember that the playing surface makes a difference. Some players are grass or clay specialists. Fast servers are more effective on grass than clay.
  • Check players head to head records. Past performance is often a clue to what the result will be.
  • Make use of tennis stats to decide on the best way to bet on each match
  • Don’t assume that you have the fastest pictures. When betting in play remember that large syndicates use “courtsiding” to get their information.
  • Don’t bet on your favourite player, sentiment can cloud your judgement.
  • Never bet on tips you hear on internet forums, or from people in the pub or bookies! Always make your own decisions.
  • Don’t forget to check whether you can cash out your bet.

Tennis Betting Markets Explained

  • Match Odds – This is the most popular market, where you be on which player will win the match. The market is available in-play and does not close until the final result is known.
  • Game Winner – You can bet on which player will win each individual game. This can be either the next game, or any other game within the set currently being played.
  • Set Winner – Bet on which player will win a particular set. This can be the set currently being played or a set that has not yet started.
  • Set Betting – In the Set Betting market you predict what the match score will be, in sets. For example 2-0, 2-1 etc.
  • Point Winner – You can bet on the winner of each individual point. This market gives hundreds of opportunities to bet within every match.
  • To Win A Set – In this market you bet on whether a particular player will win any set during the match. There are two possible outcomes: Yes (the player will win a set) or No (they won’t).

Understanding how the tennis betting markets work is important. You should always check the rules for each market you bet on. Once you specialise in a particular type of bet, you can easily go on to make regular profits at your chosen bookies.

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