Best Bookies For Golf Betting

Golf betting is hugely popular these days. There are several tournaments to bet on every single week with the PGA tour, Euro tour and LPGA all featuring the world’s best players. In addition, the four Majors and the Ryder Cup are always amongst the biggest sports betting events every year.

One of the reasons why golf betting is so popular is that there are so many ways to bet on golf. The biggest odds are available in the outright markets, where you can select which player will win the tournament. These bets can be placed each way, so you also get a good return if your selection places in the top 5. However you can also bet on 2-ball and 3-ball markets, where you pick which player will shoot the lowest score out of a group of 2 or 3, on a round by round basis.

The best bookies for betting on golf will be those that offer the best odds and the best choice of markets. Some bookies also offer special promotions for golf betting which you should definitely consider, because these can make a big difference to whether you make a profit. So here is a list of the best golf bookies…

138 golf betting have industry leading promotions for golf betting have become a must-have account for golf betting enthusiasts, because of the valuable promotions they offer. Their superb playoff refund offers are a punter’s best friend when it comes to making a profit from betting on golf. They also have more markets than most other bookies, and very good odds.

  • Playoff Refund – Money back as a free bet if your selection loses in a playoff in either the European or US golf tours.
  • All tournaments covered – Euro, PGA & LPGA
  • Wide range of markets (including Mythicals) with guaranteed industry leading prices
  • In-Play betting at any time during the tournament

18+ New customers only Terms and Conditions apply.


Paddy Power

Paddy Power golf betting

Paddy Power often pay extra places each way

Most professional golf punters have accounts at several different bookmakers, but Paddy Power is always one of them. They have the most markets, very good odds and often pay extra places each way.

  • Huge range of markets, including Outrights, 2-Balls, 3-Balls, Mythical 2-Balls, Draw No Bet, Make/Miss The Cut, Big Players v The Field, Top European Player and more….
  • Money back specials can refund your stake if your player misses the cut.
  • Pay extra places each way
  • Great Odds, often the best on the market
  • Cash Out In-Play – Take profit on winning bets before the finish

18+ New customers only Terms and Conditions apply.

Tips For Successful Golf Betting

Golf is a great sport to bet on. Compared to some other sports, it’s actually relatively easy to make a profit betting on golf as long as you know what you’re doing. Many people make a good second income from golf betting. Here are some guidelines to help you get started…

Do Don’t
  • Look at a player’s record at the course. Some players do much better at some courses than others, which means they can perform much better (or worse) than you might expect. In particular, if the tournament is at a player’s home course, he can be expected to know it well and perform better.
  • Check if a course favours long driving, a successful short game, or putting accuracy. Then check the stats to find the players who excel at these aspects of the game.
  • Check whether a player has changed clubs or caddy recently. These things can have an effect on performance.
  • Consider all available golf betting markets when looking for opportunities. The different markets available are explained below.
  • If you’re betting on a market that goes in-play, consider using Cash Out to lock in winning bets.
  • Don’t always bet on favourites or assume that the top ranked players will always win. Everyone can have an off day. Look for value odds.
  • Try to avoid betting on your favourite player, it may cloud your judgement.
  • Don’t forget to check the weather forecast! Bad weather can interrupt play and pt players off their game. If in doubt, don’t bet.
  • Don’t bet with high street bookies, you can get better odds online!

Golf Betting Markets Explained

  • Outright – The outright market is simply betting on which player will win the tournament. This will usually give the highest odds. You can also bet on this market “each way” which means you also get a payout if your chosen player places in the top 5 (or top 6 if your bookie pays extra places).
  • Match Betting – In the match betting market, the bookie will select pairs of players and you will be able to bet which of the two will get the lowest score over the entire tournament.
  • Make / Miss The Cut – After the first two rounds of a golf tournament, the field is cut to 70 players. The 70 (and ties) with the lowest score carry on for the final two rounds, the rest go home. This market lets you bet on each player and decide whether he will make the cut or not.
  • 2-Balls & 3-Balls – During each round of the tournament, players are drawn together to go round the course in groups of 2 or 3. In this market, you can choose any group you like and bet on which player in that group will get the lowest score in that round. Watch out for a market which is marked “Draw No Bet” because this means the bookie will refund your stake if your player ties with another.
  • Mythical 2 Balls – This is the same as 2-Balls, but in the mythical market the players don’t necessarily have to have been drawn to go round together. Instead they are 2 players picked by the bookie. You just bet which of those 2 players will shoot the lowest score in that round.
  • Top European Player – Which European player will finish highest in the tournament. All non-European players are ignored. The same applies in the “Top UK Player” and “Top English Player” markets. It’s much easier to pick the winner in these markets than in the outright, but the odds are lower.

One you understand how these golf betting markets work, you can start to specialise in a particular sort of bet. Do your research, and before long you will be able to make regular profits from betting on golf.