Do Bookies Ban Winners?

A Punter Celebrates His Win - But Will He Be Banned?

A Punter Celebrates His Win – But Will He Be Banned?

Many betting tipsters often claim that they have had their accounts closed by bookmakers, and that they are banned from placing bets any more. But those of you who have been in the betting industry for a while will know that you should not believe everything a tipster tells you! So is this actually true? Do bookies close your account if you win too much?

Can Your Online Betting Account Really Be Banned?

The fact is that yes, a bookmaker has every right to close your account if they want to. However this is usually a last resort. What will normally happen is that you see your bets limited first. This means you may only be able to place small stakes, particularly on long odds bets. This is designed to limit the bookie’s risk on any particular bet, and it’s normally enough to make most serious punters take their business elsewhere.

If you are betting with a smaller, less successful or less reputable bookie, you may find your account gets limited more quickly. If you stick to the best bookies then you are far less likely to get your account limited or banned.

In extreme cases, people can be banned from bookies. This has happened in the past to very successful punters such as Britain’s most successful gambler, Patrick Veitch. Bookies may also share information between themselves, which means if you get banned from one bookie, you might find it harder to start betting with another.

How To Avoid Having Your Account Closed

As I said, it’s normally not something you need to worry about. Accounts only get banned in extreme cases. Most of the time you will be fine, even if you win.

However if you want to be 100% certain that your account will never be banned, simply bet at the betting exchanges. When you join the Betfair exchange, you are betting against other people – not against the house. That means that any money you win comes straight from other punters.

Betfair are not paying out of their pocket, so they don’t care how much you win. They just take a small commission on your winnings. So you can win as much as you like, as often as you like, and they will never bat an eyelid.

So the moral of the story is that you should never believe a tipster who claims they have been banned. Firstly it’s very unlikely to happen, and secondly if they had been banned from a bookie, they could simply have joined Betfair exchange and bet happily ever after.