Do Bookies Use Betfair?

Yes absolutely! Most major bookmakers do use Betfair. Here’s why.

It is the job of the traders at each bookmaker to set odds on all of their betting markets and to try to make sure that the bookie does not have too much liability of a particular outcome happens, such as a favourite winning a horse race or a football match. This is why odds change. When lots of people bet on a particular outcome the traders will reduce the odds of that outcome and increase the odds of other outcomes, to try to encourage people to bet evenly and not just on the favourite.

betfairBetfair allows users to lay as well as back bets, and laying is exactly what bookmakers do, so of course it makes sense for them to use Betfair.

There will be occasions when a bookmaker takes a lot of bets on one particular outcome of an event, and needs to “balance” their book. When this happens they will go on Betfair and often place large bets into the Betfair market.

So basically, Betfair is an extra tool that the bookmakers can use to enable them to balance their risk on any betting market.

If you’re a Betfair user, what that means to you is that a bookmaker can easily influence any Betfair market by dumping large sums of money in the market at any time. If this happens it is highly likely to influence the prices in that market.

This is much more likely to happen in pre event markets rather than live or in-play betting markets.

Betfair is a place that lets everyone make money – including punters, traders and bookmakers themselves!

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