Are Bookies Open Today?

English: Bookies in the High Street

English: Bookies in the High Street (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

High street bookies are open most days but can close on certain days of the year including Christmas and Easter. However, online bookies are always open. Join an online bookmaker and you can bet 24/7 through your computer, tablet or mobile.

There are many more advantages of online bookies as well, including better odds and many more promotions and bonuses than you’d ever find in your local betting shop.

You can also play live dealer casino games, slots and other games through your online bookie, which is much more fun that standing next to a FOBT all day.

So instead of wondering whether your local bookie is open today, why not try opening an account with one of the best online bookies? That way you take the best odds and most popular bets with you wherever you go.

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